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Booi Kluiving is a theater maker and creates performances about digital culture and technology. After graduating from the ArtEZ Acting School, he quickly developed his own style at Theater a/d Rijn and later at Feikes Huis, where he is now a resident theater maker. Kluiving believes that the internet is a colorful and positive place and always initiates his research from personal fascinations within digital subcultures. His goal is to connect traditional theater audiences with this internet culture and, at the same time, give a voice to the internet generation on the stage.

In 2018, he made his debut with Kek (2018), a play about an incel who radicalizes online. He then created Let's Play (2020), in which a YouTuber is confronted with his traumatic past while playing video games. This was followed by De Memers (2022) and the Analoge Meme Maker© (2022), a performance and installation about internet memes. In 2023, his latest production, SatisFactory (2023), premiered, focusing on 3 ASMR-tists who slowly deteriorate due to the Oddly Satisfying content they create themselves.

Kluiving collaborated as a performer with CREW (Brussels) on Hands-On Hamlet (2021) and Delirious Departures (2022) In the 2023/2024 season, he will be working with them on a new production. Additionally, he is set to collaborate with De Toneelmakerij on Rabbit Hole (2024), develop I AM, I AM NOT (2023) for Cross-TIC, and commence a new research project with Theater Utrecht / Innovation:Lab for Morf. (2024). He also serves as an advisor at the Performance Technology Lab and is a part of the Artistic Board of the Nederlandse Reisopera.