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Projects Kek (2018)

“Be me, Anon.”

Out of frustration over the American elections, theater maker Booi Kluiving assumed the alter ego Anon and delved into the right-wing internet subculture. Gradually, he became increasingly entangled in it, often finding himself at odds with the 'left-wing bubble' in which he usually resides.

Why is it amusing to vote for Trump? What happens when you turn everything into a joke? Why is it fun to produce fake news? While the right in America was often represented by older conservative men, there has emerged a group of young people on the internet who frequently spread their extremely right-wing ideologies as a joke. But what happens when that joke becomes reality?"
Concept, Text, and Performance Booi Kluiving Dance Sara Miguelote Scenography & Graphic Design Kars van den Heuvel Final Direction Marien Jongewaard Text Guidance Tom Jansen Production De Nieuwe Oost & ArteZ

Running time 30 min Language Dutch, English