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Projects Analoge Meme Maker© (2022)

The Analoge Meme Maker© is an installation that allows anyone, young or old, whether they're deeply involved in meme culture or completely new to it, to create analog memes in real-time. 

The Analoge Meme Maker© consists of flight cases filled with printers, markers, and scissors. Each aspect of meme creation has its own designated process. To select meme templates, physical folders are browsed. These templates have their own barcodes that are scanned with a barcode scanner, after which they are printed. Texts can be sent from your mobile device to the receipt printer, and you can paste them onto the templates. Once all the memes are finished, everyone can view each other's work and have discussions about them.

Concept Booi Kluiving Special thanks to Sam Schwab, Wieke van Rosmalen, Mirte ten Broek, Thomas de Wit, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie & De Nieuwe Oost

The Analoge Meme Maker© can be booked as a live installation and as a workshop for various age groups, starting from 12 years old.
Selected Exhibitions:

‘Arnhemse Uitnacht’ Rozet, Arnhem - 3 september 2021
‘Museumnacht’ Concordia, Enschede - 6 november 2021
‘De Nacht van de Ontdekking’ Leiden - 13 november 2021
‘Meme Me’ Oddstream, Nijmegen - 12 may 2022
‘The Future is Great’ NextM Conference, De Effenaar, Eindhoven  - 9 june 2022
‘Kunstnacht’ Theater Vier, Nijmegen - 22 september 2022
‘Moving Futures Festival’ Stadstheater Arnhem - 5 april 2023
PANDORA, de Muze in de Machine’ CPunt Gallery, Hoofddorp - 6 november 2023 t/m 8 december 2023
‘The Bluest Monday’ Gallery Beeldend Gesproken, De Hallen, Amsterdam - 13 januari 2024 t/m 21 januari 2024

Workshops at various high schools including  Beekdallyceum and Arentheem College,  Arnhem