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Projects Let’s Play (2020)

Let’s Play a game.

Seeking meaning in life, ItsYaBoyBooi streams games from his bedroom. He's not very successful, with only 44 followers. Then, he meets fellow gamer Jizzlord22, who initiates him into a game unlike any other. His fanbase grows, but doubt sets in. How can the game know so much about him?

In Let's Play, theater maker Booi Kluiving immerses himself in the world of Let's Players: YouTubers who film themselves while gaming. Through his streaming alter ego, ItsYaBoyBooi, he explores the popularity of Let's Players like PewDiePie, Markiplier, and Ninja. Along with virtual player Maurice Vonk and scenographer/graphic designer Kars van den Heuvel, they bring to life a bizarre virtual world on the stage, where his character gradually loses himself. It becomes unclear what's still a part of the game and what's reality. How far do you go to become popular and gain followers? What does this game actually say about him and his quest in life? Is there a way back?

Concept, Text, and Performance
Booi Kluiving Virtual Performance Maurice Vonk Scenography & Graphic Design Kars van den Heuvel Digital Concept Abel Enklaar Final Direction Thijs de Wit Text Guidance Rik van den Bos Soundscape Wieke van Rosmalen Technical Support Rob Daanen Production De Nieuwe Oost Supported by Stimuleringsfonds Digitale Cultuur, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Heij Konijn Fonds Special thanks to Eve Hopkins, Wieke van Rosmalen, and Het Huis Utrecht

Running time 45 min Language Dutch, English